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“Come out” – I’m sure that I want to study makeup

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After talking to Don (she is a beautiful CD I met at a party), I admit that I want crossdresser dating and the importance of makeup, but I just can’t be good at it.
Don called me again; she said I was like a mirror, like her 18-year-old. So she hopes to have more exchanges with me; she told me about her experiences, from a feather boy to a real crossdresser; she said she can tell me everything I do not know, including crossdresser dating.
I said, I want to learn make-up, becoming beauty, but I seem to succeed. I just cannot handle it. "Come on." He told me he could teach me. I am very happy for I can meet beautiful don, and have the opportunity to learn make-up. Speaking to don, I am like a curious student, listening to his story. I look forward to seeing her and want to show the best of me. I went to the hairdresser, made the hairdresser do a hairstyle for me, and made me look gentle. Then I put on my only jewelry, a pair of brick earrings. When I was coming, Don said waiting for me at the gate and wearing big red clothes. I got out of the car, it was a spacious villa, the door stood a conspicuous bright red, and she is Don. Red dress is very bright, like the elegant snake fruit; she turned makeup, face like a fresh apple. Don laughed, like a teacher, and she pulled me into the door.
We entered the living room. A woman comes out from the kitchen, not a crossdresser. Looks a bit like Marilyn Monroe, it is very reasonable to use night-flowers to describe her. Don introduced, that is her wife, Lin. We nodded to greet each other. Then Lin entered the kitchen again.
Don said her wife and she met on the crossdresser dating site. Even if Lin was not a cd, she was especially interested in xdresser and wanted a unique CD dating. Slowly, they went from love to marriage. Very surprised, but I also admire their love.
Next, Don asks if I'm sure to learn make-up. Because this seems to be an irreversible path; once it begins, it will become deeply obsessed. Perhaps all life can only be crossdresser in the future. I nodded firmly.
Do you want to know how did he teach me make-up?

Hope you find and enjoy the perfect crossdresser dating.