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Crossdresser meeting in a fitting room


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My boyfriend is a crossdresser, a sexy crossdresser in bed. As a bisexual woman, I think women are really enjoyed crossdresser dating with a sexy CD, especially like my BF. Christmas is coming, the weather is getting colder. Today, we ready to buy clothes in a big mall.

When I makeup, he gently hugging me, like being spoiled to me. He said, “dear, I also want makeup." When we start our relationship of lover, we had an agreement before that he could only make-up and cross-dressing at home. I was a little angry, and my expression changed immediately. He hugged me tightly, and always caressed my chest. I can’t help to begging for mercy, finally, I allowed him to make-up. He kissed me.

It seems that his looks better than me, as if there is any premeditated. I saw a crossdresser who is very happy, like a child who had a Christmas present. He clutched my hand tightly, and we passed street one by one. In fact, there will be a lot of strange vision coming around, they may have many doubts. They may be thought my bf is a man or a woman? We are girlfriends or lovers? At the beginning, I still had a little bit of concern. I was afraid any gossip from the others. My boyfriend told me to enjoy ourselves and ignore others. I seem to instantly understand it is easy to enjoy myself, I clenched his hand and found his own self-confident smile again. This is an unforgettable crossdresser dating, for reasons mentioned below.

A dress shop attracted him, and there are different styles of women's clothing. This is a small boutique called crossdresser meeting. I instantly understand that this is an exclusive shop serve for crossdresser. My Boyfriend took me go in; let me help him choose a suit. His eyes are shining; it is a performance of excited. I gave him a nurse suit, a bit similar to the taste of the skirt. He took it very shyly and took me to the dressing room.

In the space is relatively small fitting room, we have four eyes relative. He said, "Dear, thank you," and then hugged me. I feel very happy; this is the feeling of happiness! Then I slowly helped him undress, his body temperature raised rapidly, the feeling of suffocation floated. We began to enjoy crossdresser kissing and touching, exciting, hot, I could not make a sound, and we won the climax in the fitting room.

Thank you for this shop let me know more about my crossdresser boyfriend.