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Do women enjoy crossdresser dating?


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In previous articles, we discussed some suggestions for dating a crossdresser. As long as you respect them and use communication to solve your brawl, then you will have a very pleasant dating. On Facebook, I saw a discussion of the issue, whether or not women enjoy CD dating, and I give my answer below (I am a woman, my boyfriend is a sexy crossdresser).
I enjoy his cross-dressing habits
From the beginning do not understand, to eventually accept my boyfriend is acrossdresser, really make our relationship stronger. I treat her as a boyfriend and as an actor. Every change of his dress is a perfect show. As a member of the "audience," I looked at her carefully and carefully and she catered to me in perfect performance. This means that as a couple, we have established a closer understanding and trust. The fact that I had sex with him for the first time was based on mutual trust when she was her and she trusted me. So we deepened our friendship on the same night.
Having sex with a hot CD is pretty cool.
About make love, I am never going to lie: Having sex with my boyfriend is so amazing. She is a lot more crazy and passionate in bed; he is the only man who made me so frenzy. He's a very generous lover, who always makes sure I have at least three orgasms before he even tries to "finish." After sex, he always comes to the bathroom with me to clean up.
He's extremely respectful but it's difficult for him to understand some things that I like in bed like saying dirty words or ask more orgasms. But he is a lot more like me and always gives me surprise such as she's very passionate and she'll suddenly rip off my clothes. Sometimes, she's in a hurry; but sometimes he mischievously tortures me and admires my thirsty look like a slut. I was conquered by him and she goes for her orgasm just like I go for mine.
When my boyfriend shows me my special hobby, I just need to accept it and praise him. After we had a sexual relationship, I also disclosed to him that I was actually a bi woman. I was even thirstier for threesome chat. He actually agreed. It made me very excited and we kept rolling on the bed again. This does not mean that every woman can accept crossdresser dating, but our relationship is really interesting. However, I really want to encourage people to communicate and be honest with their partners. All in all, understanding and communicating are good ways to solve everything. My final conclusion is that I think women are very enjoyable crossdresser dating.

Next, I will continue to tell you more tips.