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Do you want to change the choice to be a crossdresser and enjoy crossdresser dating?

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As the saying goes, the sign of maturity is to go back. So as a crossdresser, do you want to go back and be a straight now? You often enjoy my crossdresser dating at coffee shop, or take a walk with lady’s dress. All is your choice, so have you ever thought about getting back to your original self? Just like the exam results are bad, so you want to thru to the day of the exam. Would you still choose to be a crossdresser if time went by again?
So we first recommend this is the first time you wear a pair of silk underwear. Probably not possible! Maybe this may happen in elementary school, when you get hooked on the pair of long red curly hair, the little girl with beautiful long curly hair wears an Easter gown. I think the point I want to make here is that some of us have come a long way. Some people are now accepting the issue, while others shrug, may say: "If I can only go back," or something else.
I have always been a thinker, analyzing all "ifs" of your head. Today I've considered what I often ask myself, "Well, now what?" You've found your way to this site - an amazing crossdresser site with over 1.2 million single (concluding bisexuals, gay guys, lesbian babies, Trans) and lots of who provide them Guide and share their stories. Perhaps most people ask themselves the same question. The answer is the same as the questioner's answer. Our journey is similar, we pursue individualism.
When I was a teenager, I like a woman's clothes. I like my sister's clothes; I like these rare opportunities, when she is willing to let me wear her clothes to play. Just when I thought so, I quietly saved money to buy a woman's clothes, and then I put it in the room after hesitating for an hour. Looking at the woman in the mirror, this woman was hidden in my body - not sexy, but very attractive. Since then, I've made a choice as a crossdresser and dating a crossdresser. "Well, what happens now if I did not make that choice then?" What about you? If possible, do you want change the choice?

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