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About how to accept my identity of crossdresser, my answer is finding inner peace with love. Kiss crossdresser is my dream, and it will come true.
I can't forget the moment when my daughter wanted to braid my hair, deeply touched my heart. Of course, my cute daughter can’t understand my thought that I want to dress up again for myself. Over the course of the evening, my daughter and I spoke. I said, "Dear, I want to make up a beautiful woman". She opened her eyes wide, “yes, please!!" we were finding common ground. I don't know if my daughter can understand my inner thoughts, but I'm happy. We decided to dress up the next day. In the evening, we were walking in a square, and my daughter and I were playing with the eagle to catch the chickens. We all have a good laugh, a long time no happiness. The next day we're going out to shopping. When I ran across the road, I suddenly realized that I was running like a woman, which made me giggle. I told it to my daughter and she smiled and said, "yes, very good."She followed me with a smile.
She told me, “Don’t you wonder sometimes, what might have happened if you tried”. I'm glad to say that the week I spent with my daughter was very special. I suddenly discovered that my daughter had grown up and was no longer the little baby. She said she knew exactly who I was and she would not object to my being a crossdresser and would not object to my search for crossdresser dating. Happiness seemed to come down from the sky, and I was accepted by my daughter. I started planning a date, and if I was looking for a date at Christmas, there was no problem.
I found a qualified makeup artist because I needed a makeup for my first date. Susa is a beautiful beautician, and very good at makeup. She taught me a basic makeup step and then told me to practice it several times. Then I gave me some makeup tools including foundation, mascara, a sponge/blender, eyeliner. She also promised to send me a list of products she recommended me for the week before Christmas. Now I look at the sky and laugh, the sky is clear, the mood is good. I started looking for a date at crossdresser dating site, because I was told that there were lots of beautiful crossdresser on this site. I think I might be charming at Christmas, and I need to buy some pretty clothes just for my amazing date.