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Especially before crossdresser dating, be sure to check your long hair well again. I've been long hair for two years, because as a crossdresser, I want to have more women's features. I regularly go to the salon, including colors, highlights and my bifurcation care. My hair grows longer and longer, at the same time, hair combing has become more difficult, I cannot seem to control it anymore. Although I like long hair, I've come to realize that hair is like a pet and needs care and feeding to be happy and healthy. If you're not careful, it can step on your foot and trouble you.

The trouble of long hair

We can see in movie, TV, women’s hair always Smooth, well organized, but why my hair so frizzy and messy. When I was young, I think so suffering, until my mum take me to cut my hair at a salon. I see a beautiful man, like a woman, who was straighten his long hair. So straight, originally from the hairdresser's magic. From that time, I have a dream that is growing long hair and then straighten it. But Before I was eighteen, I had a lot of troubles from my hair.

# Hair cover my face and eyes

# I need 30 minutes to wash my hair

# Hair gets everywhere

# Affect the appearance at the time of crossdresser meeting

# If there are other, you can add in the comments

So it is essential to tame hair

# Use conditioner – as much as possible

Conditioner is the best friend of the hair - it helps to seal moisture in the hair and protect the hair from the hair dryer, but also make the hair feel & look smoother. I personally prefer to use organic conditioners, such as Avalon Organics, because I try to treat my hair with makeup-like respect, and I treat the rest of my body. On the other hand, I do not like pesticides and chemicals as part of my journey to life.

# Use the hair dryer down the lines of the hair

At the crossdresser dating site, I can exchange and learn with other crossdresser. A sissy boy told me the skill of using hair dryer down the hair. If you have straight hair, it must be blown down from above and from behind to the front blown. If you own blonde curly hair, you can gently grasp the hair in a curly form, with a small breeze; or while blowing hair, shake the hair to make curly so that to keep the hair from swelling too much.

# Try more hairstyles

Don’t be afraid to experiment, change is useful for getting successful CD dating. We can wear it up or down, curly or straight. We can change the color and texture, or add high light or low light. We can pin it or tie it in ribbons, and it always looks sexy when we toss back our head and laugh with joy. So change your hair style, you will get more surprise.

# Wears a wig

I have to say that this is the easiest way to solve all fair problems.


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