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How to accept my identity of crossdresser?

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As a crossdresser, how do we achieve self acceptance? How long does it take? As the saying goes, eternity is said not to be an extension of time but an absence of time. How to accept the fact that I want to find a hot crossdresser dating? I have spent about two years to know.
At first, I was surprised by my preferences, but I also decided that my gender was male. When I saw my sister's long hair, I was so envious that I wished I could have it. He also looks like a man who walks out of the picture. I thought I liked my sister who is my uncle's daughter, until I knew Don, she was a man, but now she is a beautiful woman, a crossdresser.
I was mesmerized by Don's drinking, and she just drank a sip. I tried to walk through the crowd to greet her, but as if my thighs were not listening, I could not move. Her fingers, lightly lifted, seemed to beckon me. My heart beat faster, I slapped my face and it hurt. I summoned up the courage to walk to him to say hello, she also gentle reply me. Then I left quietly. I am a man; I should not fall in love with a crossdresser. Do I like bisexual chat or crossdresser date?
With this confusion, I began to look for solutions to the problem. I don't think of crossdresser; just don't believe I have this tendency. On one hand, I began to seek psychological counseling and therapy, hope to be able to talk in a frank way, let the psychological consultant unlock for me I am a crossdresser or Bi mystery, or again, these are my illusion, I'm just a heterosexual. It is important for therapists to understand and analyze in a relatively accurate way when seeking psychological counseling. In my example, I certainly don't want to be cured, and what I want to get is a conclusion. The consultant began to analyze my childhood and adolescence to discover the reasons for my gender. He came up with the result that I was a crossdresser. On the other hand, I started looking for matches at crossdresser dating site, and I was chatting with those CDs online to test my identity in terms of the ease of chatting and the awkwardness. Help me to realize my own acceptance or to know whether that's my illusion. I feel very relaxed when chatting with those sexy CDS.I was very curious about them, like discovering the children of the new world. We talked about women, women's clothes, makeup, and harmony. So it surprised me that I was a crossdresser.
After I was sure that I was xdresser, I was confused. I sometimes ask myself, why is this? On the one hand, I cannot accept my CD's identity; on the one hand, I'm afraid I'm going the wrong way. What should I do?