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I am the girlfriend of a cross-dresser. Today, I want to share some about my crossdresser boyfriend with you. What I hope to accomplish by doing this is to help other SO of sissy & cross-dressers and to help them understand what it is like for crossdresser dating. My introduction to crossdresser was actually a little while before I found out about my boyfriend. At that time, I found out a music instructor I had when he was young recently came out as a sissy. He is my best friend on local, and I was so happy for him. I could see how happy he was because I can see there are a happily flower on his face. I shared this info with my boyfriend, never knowing he had a secret of his own.
When I said my best friend is a hot sissy with my BF, he did not show too much expression, only when it is a very common topic. Four years I met and fell in love with my soul mate. I met him when graduation and he was strong, tattooed ex-football player and ex Air force. We had an amazing and long-term relationship. In the past, I could only spend up to two months with a boyfriend, and then face a breakup.
We started living together and were very happy. But God seems jealous of the happy people; always give them to create some episode. In September 2016, I came home early. I cruised on Facebook and found that my boyfriend had a Facebook account that he had never told me. Some words attracted me, what underpants? What brassiere? What crossdresser dating site?  I faced his picture, and I was curious. I found more information about a woman, god!! She is my boyfriend. Is he crossdresser? At that time, I felt a little dizzy. I seem to sleep with a stranger for so long and I do not know what to do next.
I also found a document that the body measures slip and underpants and whatnot. They are not my measurements. I cannot figure out who they belong to. I went outside to get some air, I looked up at the stars, and it hit me. They are him. I laughed, but also very confused. What should I do? I face him, or find a way to let him know I can. A few nights later we sat in bed trying to figure out what to look for and we had a "transparent" show. I said we should see, and it looks very interesting. He had such a look, I blurted out: "Do you have a gender?" He asked me if I want him to move out. I say no. He said: "I fell in love with women and their clothes." Shock! Remember, our relationship has been tense because of emotional infidelity. He explained that he just longs for dressing up, mostly nylon and silky things and bras. He did this from an early age, and this is the first step in his marriage. He said no one knows, this is a secret he has been on his own, and sometimes I do not wear at home. He told me how he would buy something and was scared to throw it away. I feel very sad for him, because he had to hide part of his life. I told him he did not need to hide it anymore. All I know what to do. I gave it for a few days, wrote some questions for him to answer, and one was "Can I see you wearing?" He said yes. We were in the bedroom, he closed me, and when I opened them, he wears a bra. It was too small and both twisted around, so I stood up, fixed it and told him he needed a new brassiere. I think this is a superstition. Later I found it more. I asked him, do you want to change the choice to be a crossdresser? He said, never.
The passage of time, I added some of his woman's clothes for him. I noticed he was wearing lingerie on his days off. He will look more relaxed and happy when he is wearing it. I also slowly began to like to wear women’s dress him. Like that sentence, like a person will like him all. Yes, I am his all. One day, I put on stockings and I jokingly asked him if he wore it. He said sure to wear. Then we wear stockings to make love, like love at first sight couple. I kiss crossdresser – my hot boyfriend and enjoy it.

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