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Kissing crossdresser is because of genes, or your jeans

kissing crossdresser

As the saying goes, there is no gene for the human spirit. Time and circumstances change us... and it’s pointless to ask why. It is said that nuwa created and constructed human society by imitating her kneading clay. Again for human marriage system, make the youth men and women sexual mating and reproduction. So why am I crossdresser? Also, I hope to share my inner woman with other crossdresser and know more about cross-dressing.
Ancient Chinese saying goes yin and yang, stand for women and men. When we were born, one of them dominates and this is where our appearance is. But this is not to say that the person who is not the dominant character will not be active at some point. It all depends on how we recognize this fact and how we wish to live our lives. The combination of man and woman is a necessary embodiment, like as the relationship of yin and yang. But with the development of society, more and more gay and bisexual & Trans appear and exist. They are different from straight people because of their special sexual orientation.

I grew up with four sisters and my mum and they all have an impact on me, whether I admit it or not. From the time I was a teenager, I remember they were all a little envious of them because I got the pretty clothes I used when I was a boy. I am glad they are so happy, but deep I hope some of them are mine. When I was 15, I knew I had to see with my own eyes how they looked at me. So when I have time, I take something out and see what they look like. It's fantastic to see how they adapt and how they feel. After that, I had every opportunity to try, since all my sisters are at different altitudes, so I can only take those things that seem to suit me. Until I was too tall to wear their clothes, I began to think of ways to get my own clothes, even cosmetics. At that time, I am sure that I want to study makeup.

Several times, I was almost caught by my closest sister, and even if it frightened my daylight, I could not seem to help myself either. But she said she can keep the secret for me and help me to cross-dress. As we all get older (considering I am the oldest), whether it is skirts, skirts, shirts or underwear, it seems there is always something to try and indulge my fantasy. Even though I play with girls, I always seem to compliment what they're wearing, which makes them feel good. It is fact that getting women to think someone looks at their appearance makes them feel good about themselves. But there was nothing to attract me except their clothes. I don't even like having physical contact with women except my sister. For sex partner, I want to date a crossdresser, just like me.

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