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After read “The important makeup tips before crossdresser dating”, I get some skills for makeup. But there a saying is that makeup is a half-finished kiss crossdresser. High heels are what the other half needs to do.
For high heels, my answer is yes. The buttocks of the runway are perfect, not without the support of high heels. Since I was a little girl, my mother's high heels attracted me deeply, and the seeds of a dream began to sprout at that time, and I had to wear pretty high heels. Now I can walk in a 5cm high heel Walk freely and even trot. I've been fascinated with high heels since I can remember.
High heels gave me the confidence that no other flat shoes would give. Walking on them is another matter. I was single, had the chance to build a complete wardrobe, and then built a shoe cabinet with only high heels. Before that, Brina was mostly on her exciting high heels, or sitting cross-legged (on the other leg forced a leg).I looked at countless video and looked at how to get from the experts. Why is that? I made up my mind to be elegant at the highest heel, and I couldn't cut it off at 2-3 inches. In addition, I like the way women's legs look on dangerous spikes. I would decorate myself with the most beautiful pair of shoes, before my crossdresser dating.
First, most women are not perfect either. Go to the wedding, see all the women walking; you will see many who struggle with the heels. Your age, gender, and time spent on high heels are not balanced and are fluid. The attributes I have in my study time are not. I cannot balance a wall without a shoulder or another walk through the corridor. Only in the event of tripping and falling, will there be fluid flow, and did not wear high heels. I also like to study other crossdresser facial expressions, their body language and their high heels. The other people at this crossdresser dating site say that their obsession with women is more like trying to agree with them like me. Here's what I learned, tried, mastered.
So in my opinion, high stepping is so important to every crossdresser, you?

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