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My inner dream to dress

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Walking at a crossroads, I looked down at myself and what I m wearing. I m dressed in drab again, and I will join a crossdresser meeting at the party to be held every weekend. I think it is easy to dress, but I m kind of in a funk, and I m having a bit of trouble getting out of it. Because I heard a sentence that If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. I want to change, or improve, just like the feeling of being stuck in a rut, feeling insecure. Did you ever want anything? The desire to make life more exciting makes a dying person more worthy of living. As you know, life gets better when you really want to change, whether or not you actually achieve what you want.

Finding inner peace and accept my hobby, I've been thinking about my desire to dress, especially when I've reached an advanced stage. We dated as usual, dressed as usual, without change, so boring. Now I seem to have the desire to dress again, even to express my feminine self as usual. Ironically, when I found out that there were so many problems in my life, I found this to be a very important thing. I want to be a woman's desire, not just to dress more feminine. Not really dressing, but making the inner woman alive, even for a short time

At some point, this is absolutely meaningless. For some time I thought that if I did not have such an easy life, much better. But when I actually lose the desire to dress up, I find out if I have other people who have this experience and how they respond. I know, the desire to eventually bring April back will come back, and it's always the case. But in the meantime, waiting for it to come back can be a long, frustrating test. When I knew I was the happiest, when my cross craving was their greatest (and I could actually do that, at least occasionally), it could be a source of frustration when there is no desire. How many times have I experienced since I started dressing, and although I know it will not last forever, it is still a rather depressing period.

I’ve been alone for a week now, because my wife has been out of home taking care of her mother, so  I have had many opportunities to dress and look through the crossdresser dating site, which tell me many skills to dress and makeup. Also, I can make friends at here. But in addition to wearing my lace robe, I only wear a dress, and then I stay at home and do the housework. I was dressed and didn't go out, because I didn't have that kind of feeling of happiness, so for today's date, I was dressed very simply. It's ok, but I feel a bit like I'm doing exercise, not what I want. So, I expect a little change.

My writing is also without inspiration, I need a flower dress. I could wear that lacy dress, but I really did not feel full-spirited and eager to see April's aspiration come back soon. I hope this is much like what they say: If you do not feel like writing, the ultimate inspiration Come. So I've been in chat rooms, forums, and read all the wonderful articles on the home page, hoping something will inspire desire again. One thing I really like about the internet is that I can still contact my friends here. And since it's not visible, I do not need to be "on" all the time.

I just want to kiss crossdresser before my wife comes back. If I just let my spirit cheer up, remember my life is worth it, not only when I was in April, I think the ultimate wishes will be returned to their own body. But in the meantime, I always block the man mode, hoping to sell all men’s shoes somewhere and finally get me back on track.