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Some tips to consider before your first crossdresser dating


crossdresser kissing

Have you ever imaged what it would be like to date a crossdresser? Sometimes, my boyfriend plays a crossdresser as a beautiful sissy, like a woman. Do you want to enjoy a crossdresser kissing? If you are interested in a crossdresser, or you are dating a crossdresser, here some tips what I've learned from dating him to you.
You must accept your partner is a crossdresser.
When you don't know a field, you will think it is boring. In fact, Crossdresser is fun. But our ability to accept is different, so the first factor is that you have to accept that your partner is a crossdresser. When my boyfriend plays like a woman, I love him so much. It usually happens when he’s at a party, and it’s always over the top and stand out.
Understand his fears
It is important to focus on him. My boyfriend is one of those sensitive guys who always lack sense of security.  if I’m comfortable at a party and keeps an eye on him at all times, that's ok; but if I leave his sight, he will be sad, once even crouched in the toilet crying He randomly starts crying. When the chef told me he was like a stray dog squatting in the toilet, I hurried to hug him, and this eased. Since then, I deliberately do not leave him, and even we take a bath together. That’s how sensitive he is, but I don't know why. I believed that accompany and understand is the best love. Would you want to enjoy a crossdresser dating with a CD like my BF?
Crossdresser is scary for the crossdresser's partner.
My boyfriend flirt with a man in front of me did not scare the shit out of me. Even I like his open minded. i just fear  that my boyfriend is actually a closeted gay man, because I love him and I also like a threesome chat with a threesome finder. Turns out this are a very common phenomenon for crossdresser, as long as your partner and you like it. I did voice some of my concerns to my boyfriend at that time, and he was baffled by them: "I wish you were lesbian, "he said. But then I had fallen in love with him. So when you want to date a crossdresser, take a closer look at his special hobby.

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What will happen when crossdresser dating meets performance?


crossdresser dating

In the previous article, I said some tips about what I learned from my crossdresser dating. About my BF, There are more stories, I have wine. He is like a book, enough for reading using all of my life. Today, the topic is the collision of CD dating and acting.
About actor
In the past, only men could become actors, and the role of women was generally played by men or men. On the stage, a woman occasionally plays the role of a young man if necessary. Maybe, it is the base of crossdresser‘s occurrence. An actor is a person who plays a character in a performance. The analogous Greek term is ὑποκριτής , literally "one who answers”. The actor's interpretation of their role pertains to the role played, based on a real person and play fictional character. Actor is to create, a special character in performance.
Crossdressing is like an actor.
The conclusion is gotten from my boy friend because of his crossdressing. He said, “I am afraid of the others do not accept me because I am in the side of dressing, I am also worried about the views of others on me affect your fame." I don’t know if it is correct to say this, but from my boyfriend’s habit of crossdressing, one of the things that I understood is that he does it for him almost as much as he does it for his “audience.” He seems to use dressing to disguise himself so that the others cannot see his true colors even me.
Gender is a kind of like a performance.
Seeing my boyfriend cross-dresses and more and more sexy really made me understand that gender is the beginning of performance. Cross-dressers are seen as eccentric people when really the most eccentric people are the ones pretending that the shape of their genitals determine their style in movies, their cognitive abilities, and their career choices. My BF said, “I just like my girlfriend", when asked to date a man or a woman, or another crossdresser, then enjoy sexy crossdresser kissing. That time I was deeply felt, gender is so small in front of love. Since then, I've often encouraged him to do what he likes and show his favorite features like his cross-dressers.
The important thing
If you are interested in dating a crossdresser, please give him more time and understanding. Now press the find my match button on home to meet a crossdresser.

Next, I will continue to tell you more stories.