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The outside world is out of our control, but we can determine our own inner truth. When I was young, I found my hobby is kiss crossdresser, but I’m a boy. At that time, I think it is a shame. But, suddenly one day, a voice came to my ears, “don’t you wonder sometimes, what might have happened if you tried?”  I was be touched by my little daughter, she is my baby.
Though I didn't know if my daughter really understood me, she was like a teacher who taught me a lot about who I was. In the eyes of a child, was filled innocence. I learned that my daughter needed me to be the father of her life, a true father. In the years to come, face a real, happy father. It took me a while to get used to the idea, and it was a girl's only sensitivity. After some thinking, I realized that, although most of the time in my life not dressed as a woman, but now still not night, daughter gave me a new power, lit a fire in my heart.
About my dream of crossdresser dating, I have to mention my ex-wife named Sophie who is the mother of my daughter. She had always been against my hobby, until we divorced. Before getting married he didn't know I was crossdresser because I was afraid I would scare her away. For her, I even gave up my women swear, become a false man. Just because it was really itchy in my heart, I dressed up as a woman on a night when she wasn't at home. Unfortunately, she come home, I was completely surprised at how cold my ex-wife was against me. After that, there were some problems on both sides, and she began to dislike me more and more. Eventually we got divorced, and I got my daughter's custody, which I care most about.
In closing, I would also like to share that the crossdresser dating site is the best choose for xdresser. It has inspired me to begin dating. For me, crossdresser meeting is a very therapeutic process, and dating brings joy to me and dilutes the pain of divorce. It allows me to take things out of my heart and put them on the date spot where I can laugh like a woman, walk like a woman, and everything is like a woman. I would reflect on every date. It really helps the next date. During this time, I wrote two songs after dating, inspired by my experiences. Record my life and record my progress. I have discovered the depth of my new sensitivity and emotional life, just like my daughter told me to live out my life, no matter what others think.