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For my first dating on crossdresser dating site, my partner said my body is not in harmony. Although she's only joking, I think it's time for me to make a change. I decided to learn yoga to make my body more tender and beautiful. I am a crossdresser; I need beautiful body, and pretty face. At the beginning of each yoga class, we are asked to set a goal for practice. I felt the hard way just at the beginning. I tried to challenge my limits and learned every move slowly. When muscle aches and sweat drops on my forehead, I enjoy my efforts and contentment.
Encourage learning, yoga make me perfection. Even though I tried a pose failure, my muscles got stronger and I learned more about the technique. Even though I am too tired to stand up, I look at others and learn from them. Throughout my practice, I am encouraged by my frustration. I was encouraged when I could not do a pose. I was encouraged when my muscles ached and my body trembled. I'm learning every moment, and I'm encouraged.
Sometimes, dressing is like the hardest yoga practice. You are frustrated because you cannot make up properly. Your clothes are not suitable; you are hard to walk in high heels and your stockings. Note:  Makeup is a half-finished kiss crossdresser. Every step you do is awkward, clumsy and awkward. You may even laugh at you or stare at you. Your feet may get hurt, sweat ruins your makeup, and the cashier calls you, 'sir.' Despite the exciting day, the beautiful day, you will end your day in despair. Curse your degeneration unfortunate. So it is important that every aspect is important, like yoga, which can shape a perfect body.
It is easy to fall into a perfect trap. Always pursuit of perfection, but never achieved. Every failure will weaken your self-esteem until you hardly feel any wearing. Do not let your judgment stop you from dressing. Wear those clothes, makeup, and wig. Be your best woman and be encouraged by what you have learned. Even if what you learned is how inappropriate that red sweater fits your body, it's so pretty. For your successful CD dating, welcome to join the community of yoga.


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