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The important makeup tips before crossdresser dating


crossdresser kissingIt is important to make up for your first crossdresser dating. Whether you are going to enjoy CD dating or interested in crossdresser, you will get good advice such as how to meet CD in a fitting room. It was a time of unforgettable travel in the Pentagon. Although busy, it should not prevent me from making new friends and learning from them. Especially a sissy called Jim, he looks so good, and his makeup attracted me. I could not help but talk to him; he was very passionate, told me a lot about makeup.
When I first started practicing makeup, I saw I made myself like an ugly duckling. Then slowly YouTube to find video tutorials and help slowly into the current look like "average girl." But I'm still not satisfied, so whenever I meet a pretty crossdresser, I'll talk to her and discuss it. If you are a new dress, it is recommended to start from the most basic start exploring. We all know that everyday make-up (even in fellow mode) will help to speed up make-up and tips. From the very first moisturizers, sunscreens, eye creams, to the back concealed, foundation, bronze, powder, neutral eye shadow, and sometimes lip gloss or light lipstick, are all important. Today, I will share with you some of the more important steps. Here is an overview of the basic steps for a simple application of a fabulous face, just for a perfect crossdresser meeting!
Feather lip pencil
Do not color the entire lips, so there will be no features. Sketch the lips, first with a lipstick to draw the lip 1/2, then hand or lip brush to draw a good push to the outside. Until the outer lip has a light color, with the lip liner drawn from the outer edge of the lip inward a few times. Rub your lips together. By feathering the lip liner, the lipstick can be prevented from getting soiled while the lip liner is best used in light colors.
Apply mascara twice.
Apply the first layer from the root of the eyelashes using the zigzag method and leave it to dry. Two minutes later, the eyelashes dry, then apply the second layer. This is a quick and easy way to get longer lashes instead of using false eyelashes, which is relatively troublesome. I strongly recommend the cover girl natural mascara. I use high-end cosmetics as much as possible, in order to protect my skin.
Recommended makeup
Naked Essential mineral makeup is highly recommended. A clever trick is to layer the layers to apply the minerals. Smooth cheek part of the skin, you can just apply a layer; and nose parts can be painted two to three, three to four layers of mineral makeup will give you more coverage, but will not feel dull. If you try to paint all over a thick foundation makeup, rigid is a minor problem, but eventually will appear caking, peeling off.
Use a brush on the cheek
Color comes from the swaying brush, the secret is to begin to apply blush on the cheek, but the difference between clown and rosy need to practice many times. When dating, the first place touched by your partner will be the most important. Ruddy cheek helps to enhance the sense of speed and breathing.
Did you get some inspiration when you saw it? If you already have a mastery of makeup technology, but have not found a suitable dating object, then, the crossdresser dating site is the best choice.

Hope you find and enjoy the perfect crossdresser dating.