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Why do people like to stare at crossdresser?

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# Crossdresser meeting in a fitting room

When I was young, about 14 years old, I saw a strange man. At that time, I like to follow my mother around the weekend. When she goes to deal with things, I stay with her and waited for mom to come home with her. That day, my mother had some errands to run, and I naturally followed. She had to park her car in the mechanic's car, deposited some checks in the bank, and went to buy beautiful clothes. For some reason, I looked at those beautiful clothes and wanted to wear them, but I was a little boy. I told my mother what I thought, but mom said it's because people have a tendency to like good things. But boys can't wear girls' clothes. I was a little deflated, but not angry. Until I saw the strange man, he was also choosing beautiful clothes. He tried one after another, and finally chose my favorite white floral dress. I stared at him. He was so beautiful! He saw me in the mirror and looked into his eyes, turned around and smiled at me and said, boy, you are so cute. Then the bill went away. I stared into his eyes full of curiosity and envy, he was happy. It turned out that the man was crossdresser, transgender, or sissy. And now, I've become one of those people who can dress up in women's clothes, go to the local Starbucks, drink a large American coffee, and write something - my choice.

# When 18 years old, I start crossdresser dating

When I 18 years old, I was sure I will be a crossdresser and start my crossdresser dating on a crossdresser dating site. On the other hand, I always attract more and more people's eyes - people often stare at me. In this lovely Seattle spring, I chose a set of cool and comfortable clothes. Like the open-toed sandals I bought two weeks ago, the long flowing skirt is a bright long-sleeved top and a pair of open-toe sandals. When I went to Starbucks, I noticed something strange that they were staring at me as they drove past. Not only me, I noticed a man starting to stare at the woman in front of me, who turned smoothly in front of me and looked at me. I must admit that my feelings about the incident are complicated.

# Nothing to See Here 

This is not a strict reservation - a number of bisexuals & crossdresser have all encountered this in everyday life. When a bisexual man chat in a bi chat room, which will be normal. If he dates with a straight man, the others will feel abnormal. So someone sails around you, you get a quick glance or talk to you as if you were a normal woman. All 95% of you look like this. People treat you like you treat them, without any particular malice or attachment. This may mean that you passed, or you passed too close, another person would feel embarrassed to make a scene, or you did not pass, they feel strange.

# Accept who you are and revel in it.

No matter it named bisexual or a crossdresser boy, that is my characteristics and sexual orientation is gifts God has given me. I cherish it, enjoy it, and am proud of it. Most people's gaze is curious, not aversion. If I feel it is disgust, I regard it as ignorance, he has not experienced, do not understand my feelings, I do not blame them, ignore it.


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