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As the saying goes, you can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen. For our crossdresser, we should We should confront our unique characteristics and encourage ourselves to socialize, such as enjoy CD dating in a fitting room, or drink coffee at a coffee shop with lady’s dress. In the previous, I shared my inner dream to dress. But in fact, it was a process of sudden panic and excitement, and I always worked hard in the process. After that, I found some small details that allowed me to communicate more with the community. Start to do some trivial things; even if it is simple, it is no longer terrible. I'm not ready to go downtown, it's just my little town, but there's something in my heart that says I want to take it to the next step.
Once lonely and helpless, the desire to stay with now, I decided to slowly take this step. Our town has a good winter environment, with crops, cows and coffee shops. I ignored the roadside garbage dumps and enjoyed only pleasant birdsong. I headed for the coffee shop and grabbed me crazy. I quickly became a plasticizer on my body and glanced at myself, wearing a red bra, black legging and a pink coat. The emphasis is on make-up and my golden wig, as if a child just got excited about wearing new clothes. Put on my sunglasses, I went to the coffee shop porch. I sat in, crossed my legs, ordered a cup of coffee and waited.
I see calm on the surface, in fact, every moment, my heart is accelerating. I know where I am - the staff cannot help but peek at me. Although they glanced at me quietly, they did not escape from my light. I have been thinking about these people's response to me, there is nothing special. Maybe they just curious, I did not find other strange vision. Do they realize that I am actually a man? What will they do? I started to think it was a bad idea and considered going back. Then I heard; the garbage truck is walking in the alley. I turned around and glanced at the staff and now they are concentrating on their work and do not care about my existence. I am very happy, because I succeeded in taking the first step. Coffee is coming, I'm sitting quietly - let me see if there's a crossdresser dating.
Maybe I'm not ready to declare this world to the world, but no one will drive me off my deck. I sat, sipping my coffee and enjoying the warm morning sunshine, and as the truck approached the car, the car got up and grabbed the trash. When I glanced, I held my breath. He looked at me from time to time, then nodded politely, grabbed the trash, and dropped it behind the truck. The trucks and people drove away quickly. No one gave any sign; maybe he thought I was a woman enjoying morning coffee outside, rather than a local crossdresser.

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