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What made something precious? Losing it and finding it. I think this sentence is the best way to express my innermost thoughts. When I was young, I was cruel to restrain the woman live in my heart, and then married and have children like ordinary men. But I didn't get happiness, and my wife left me. So I became crossdresser again and started dating. I would like to thank for having the opportunity to become a member on Kissing Crossdresser and also become an editor. After the divorce, I still find my original way here, so please forgive me for lack of some skills! However, I sincerely hope that I can share my thoughts and experiences, add some little value and perhaps provide some support or guidance to honor my lucky support. At the same time, I also want to learn and discuss more ideas and tips, such as hair advice for crossdresser dating or some special makeup skills.
At this point, it did not happen overnight, and after years of soul exploration and psychological counseling, I realized that I should still recognize and accept the real one. Today, I live in my house, not dreams, and I have been undergoing supervised hormone replacement therapy. Emulated some stars, I also did some plastic surgery, in my case to improve my overall confidence. When I was young and asked to provide a brief profile, it was always such a challenge, but I must try it. I've been on the road for years. Although I personally do not like labels because they tend to be so limited, I promise to provide some background to others, so in my case, the closest thing is to describe myself as a transsexual.
I have been active in the crossdresser dating site for many years, being a member of many LGBT groups, having participated in many activities, taking a number of different paths in myself discovery. I tried dating with the others members about ten times a month, and I understand that it is an individual, not in the right way or in the wrong way Personal journey. Just my way! In my early days, I often asked myself what I was thinking and feeling, asking myself why? Today I think, why not say!
What I hope to complement here is my thoughts and experiences covering the topics I am interested in. I hope this can arouse the interest of others. Fashion, makeup, dating, these challenges and relationships we love to study. I like to think of myself as an open book, which I can write and read it. I admit that I am not an expert, but I am offering something on my crossdresser trip to share what I have experienced and to learn from others.

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